Top 5 Gotham Steel Pans Review – The Best Non-Stick Frying Pans You Can Buy

Cooking pans are one of the most indispensable kitchen cookware today. After all, you cannot cook a perfectly sunny-side up egg without a cooking pan. But how do we know which are the best pans? It all depends on the situation and the food that you want to cook. Do you often cook on the induction or make use of the oven. Are you looking for pans with a non-stick coating? Or, are you looking for steel pans for baking meat that is crisp on the outside and moist in the inside?

The answer to all the above questions is cooking pans by Gotham Steel. Pans manufactured by this celebrated company are considered to be the new-generation cookware set that makes use of the most advanced technology to produce the best cooking pans with non-stick and non-scratch ceramic plates.

Ceramic non-stick coatings have revolutionized the cookware industry today. It is now possible to manufacture pans that are non-stick in nature without the help of Teflon, a lab-created chemical. Hence, this means that there are no PFOA or PTFE. More importantly, ceramic plated have a lot more advantages in the kitchen. They transfer more heat to your food and more resistant to flaking and scratches.

Read on below why Gotham Steel is one of the most formidable names in the market below:


Gotham Steel Pans – An overview

Endorsed by celebrity chef, Daniel Green, Gotham Steel pans are everywhere and people around the world want to check them out. According to some Gotham Steel Pan reviews, Daniel Green have also stated that food slides of these pans without the use of oil or butter. You also won’t have to worry about scratching its surface because they can be used with other metal cookware.

Gotham Steel pans are oven-safe and can withstand temperatures around 500°C. Pans by Gotham Steel are made up of a ceramic and titanium surface; the ceramic is non-stick in nature and the titanium makes it durable.  Thanks to this unique surface, the pans are capable of holding a lot of heat. They are also free of PTFE/PFOA/PFOS. This means that after completing your tasty dish, you can toss it in the dishwasher without any worries.


What sets Gotham Steel pans apart from other pans in the market?

The company, Gotham Steel, is known for its high-grade non-stick pans that are fitted with versatile features. The titanium and ceramic technology used to make the pans make them a great bargain and one of the highest-rated cookware on the market. As advertised, the pans are very versatile and it feels like you are cooking on air. Some qualities and features that make this pan great are:

  • Versatile set

Pans by Gotham Steel can be used to cook a wide range of food items. You can fry, boil, bake, roast, and steam in just a single pan. Such versatility allows you to easily replace two or more cookware for just a single Gotham Steel pan. You will be able to free your drawers from a wide range of utensils that you won’t need anymore.

  • Flame-proof and non-scratch

Whether you use the pans for whisking eggs or frying your meat, Gotham Steel pans are very durable and will remain scratch-free. All thanks to the ceramic and titanium magic, you will not have to worry about replacing your cooking gear anytime soon.

  • Ease of cleaning

Because Gotham Steel pans are scratch-free and non-stick in nature, cleaning these pans will not be a worry anymore. As per the commercials, the food also slides down easily and does not leave dried leftovers for you to scrape out. Additionally, Gotham Steel pans are dishwasher-friendly; this means cleaning them is a piece of cake.

Gotham Steel Pans – Buying guide

Before you head out to purchase these pans, you have to keep a few details and preferences in your mind like:

  • Size

You should be very careful when you are choosing Gotham Steel pans. These pans come in a wide range of depths and sizes. The choice you make must be able to reflect your need. If you live with a large group of people like family or friends, a large pan will work out well and vice versa. The size of the pan also depends on the kind of stovetop you have. A large stovetop will be able to accommodate a large pan easily.

  • Non-stick

If the pan is not non-stick in nature, it won’t do you any good. You will need to look for pans that have non-stick abilities and will be able to cook a wide range of delicious dishes. Gotham Steel’s ti-ceramic technology caters specifically to your non-stick and durability needs. Additionally, they are also able to handle extremely high temperatures.

  • Handles

Handles are an important component of a good cooking pan. These small parts dictate the direction where the pan goes. The handle also solves the problem of lifting the hot pan from the stovetop. Gotham Steel pans are known all over the world for their thick and riveted handles that do not get loose quickly and helps you carry the pan without any effort.

  • Safety

When you are buying a cookware, it is mandatory that you look for a ‘PFOA/PFTE Free’ label. This is significantly important because, after years of Teflon intake, it is time to take control of your health once again. Hence, when you are choosing a Gotham Steel pan, make sure it has a PFTE and PFOA free factor and contains no Teflon.

  • Budget

Lastly, your budget plays an important role when you are choosing a pan for your kitchen. Obviously, if you cannot afford a particular pan, you cannot purchase it. Hence, you need to look for a pan that fits your budget while fulfilling your requirements. It is important that whatever product you buy is worth the value.


Are Gotham Steel pans safe to use?

It is but natural to be concerned when it comes to the product’s safety if you are using it for the first time. Hence, to dispel your doubts, Gotham Steel manufactures some of the best quality of pans all over the world. According to some Gotham Steel pan reviews, each component of the pan is made up of safe materials that are free of toxic and harmful elements. The non-stick coating is free of PFOA and PFOS. Even in extremely high temperatures, no toxic materials are released into the air.

The pans are dishwasher friendly as well. Even if you make use of a metal wire or cookware to clean the pan’s surface, the non-scratch and non-stick coating will not get chipped away or damaged. The surface of the pan will not leave grey marks on the food, which is the case with most disingenuous companies and manufacturers.


What are the guarantees of Gotham Steel pans?

All the pans by Gotham Steel come with a 90-days money back guarantee, but it does not include the cost you might bear to send it bag and other additional fees. There is also a warranty for a year on these pans, if some Gotham Steel pan reviews are to be considered.

Precautions while using Gotham Steel pans

A little know-how of using and taking care of your pans will elongate their lives. Hence, it is really important that you stay informed. Some prerequisites of using your Gotham Steel pans are:

Dos and Don’ts

  • Never heat a Gotham Steel pan that is empty. By doing this, you will prevent the non-stick surface from withering away and getting damaged.
  • You should not chop any vegetable on the pan. This is because although the surface is scratch-free in nature, constant contact with the knife can get the non-stick surface a little flimsy.
  • It is important that you do not use any abrasives to clean your pans. Harsh chemicals might cause harm to the non-stick surface because the pan has a ceramic surface.


  • While cooking, make sure you don’t overheat the pan. Excess heat might cause the pans to lose their durability.
  • Make sure that after cooking a mean, you do not pour cold water on the pan. This action will cause your ceramic plate to crack badly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • It should be kept in the mind when you wash your Gotham Steel pan in a dishwasher that it should always be placed in the first rack. Although these pans are scratch-proof, the ceramic plate needs extra care.
  • It is mandatory that you season your Gotham Steel pans at least twice a year. No matter how non-stick the pans are, seasoning is always needed to keep your pans effective and efficient.


  • Make sure the pans are stored properly in large spaces so that they remain away from external damages and remain safe.
  • Make use of any utensil rack that can help you arrange the pans according to size properly.


Top 5 Gotham Steel Pans

Here is our pick of the best Gotham Steel pans:


5. Gotham Steel Copper Square Shallow Pan

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Gotham Steel’s pan comes with non-stick features and is fabricated using the best high-quality ceramic and titanium, which with help you cook every type of mean without the food sticking onto the pan. According to the company, this cooking pan is made using the latest technology, along with air-smooth and non-stick cooking surface, thereby making it easier and faster to cook different means in this pan.

This 9.5-inch pan is made up of stainless steel, titanium and ceramic and features a non-stick ceramic surface that is combined with titanium. The bottom layer features a scratch guard ring made out of metal. The handle of this pan is very cool to touch and made out of strong stainless steel.

Owing to the combination of non-stick ceramic and sturdy titanium, you will be able to cook the stickiest food in this cooking pan without the need to put in extra butter or oil while cooking. This surface prevents the bond of the pan with the food. The pan is infused with a non-abrasion technology with a scratch-proof surface that can withstand temperatures up to 500°F with ease.

The pan is also free of PTFE, PFOS, and PFOA. This cooking pan is extremely easy to clean and can be used safely in a dishwasher. The pan can also be placed in an oven. The food slides off easily from the surface. This pan also comes in a multi-function four-piece set with different types of pans.

  • The pan can be used for a lot of different cooking purposes
  • The pan is free of any chemicals like PTFE, PFOS, and PFOA
  • Easy to clean, this pan is dishwasher-friendly
  • The pan can withstand high heat intensity
  • A cook book is included in the pan
  • This pan is a bit on the expensive side
  • According to some customer reviews, the food did get stuck on the pan and got burnt


4. Gotham Steel 10.5” Non-Stick Grill Pan

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As originally seen on the TV, this Gotham Steel grill pan is the company’s first product that features a double-sided surface for double use. It has a grill on one side and a griddle on the other, thereby making it an amazingly versatile pan in the kitchen. The grooves on the sides catch all the grease so that you can clean it up later easily.

The patented Ti-ceramic cooking surface of the pan is capable of withstanding high-heat threshold over 500°F. The surface is free of PFOS, PFOA, PTFE and other such harmful chemicals. This pan makes cooking and cleaning very easy since everything simply slides off the pan, even if it is burnt, all thanks to the non-stick surface. The versatile pan is great for stove-tops and baking.

The wide ridge will make your food have that delicious barbeque appeal. Although the ridges are not as deep as it should be, they are, nevertheless, a great feature to have since they give that ribbed look on the food, even if it is cooked on a stove. The pan can also be used as an outdoor grill, thanks to its massive 10.5-inch x 10.5-inch size.

One of the greatest features of this pan is that it is very rust-proof and durable. The non-stick coating does not wear off even after constant usage and washing. The pan is also safe enough to be put in a dishwasher.

  • The pan is made up of high-grade ceramic
  • Washable, this pan is dishwasher friendly
  • The pan is great for grilling and cooking on a stove
  • The double sides of the pan add great versatility to it
  • Thanks to the non-stick coating, the food cooks very quickly
  • According to some customer reviews, the pan is a bit shallow
  • The ridges could have been a little deeper
  • The black paste is hard to remove
  • Cleaning by hand is a difficult task


3. Gotham Steel Copper Non-Stick 10.5″ Square Griddle Pan

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A reliable griddle pan, Gotham Steel’s square griddle pan is perfect for frying and searing all different kinds of meats. Food heats up quickly and stays warm for a longer period as well. With this pan, you will be able to give a nice sear to halloumi. Even if you find some food stuck on the pan, it is easily washable and is dishwasher friendly. The classic and simple design makes this pan a perfect fit into any kitchen.

This pan is particularly helpful for those people who lack cupboard space. The shape and size of the pan are such that it eliminates the need for multiple pans when you are cooking a meal. The heat spreads evenly throughout the pan and ensures that each of your ingredients is being cooked thoroughly. Reliable, easy-to-clean and cheap, this griddle pan will easily get your job done. The surface of the pan is made of titanium and ceramic, thereby freeing your food from harmful chemicals like PFOS, PFOA, PTHE, etc.

The pan is large enough to fit several decently sized cuts of meat in one go, yet so thin that it will fit into any corner of your storage. The Gotham griddle pan is perfect for those who stay with a group like family or friends.

Made out of the most robust copper, this pan is non-stick in nature. It means that you can cook whatever you like with the requirement of minimum oil or butter. This means that you will be able to make fantastic batches of bacon or fried eggs with the help of this utensil. The combination of ti-ceramic covering and non-abrasion technology allows this pan to withstand temperatures over 500°F with ease.

  • Due to the thin built of this pan, heat spreads fast and evenly
  • The ceramic surface of the pan has met a lot of customer expectations, according to many reviews
  • The pan is dishwasher-friendly and very easy to clean
  • If you cook a lot of meat on this griddle, it can lead to a lot of smoke
  • Some reviews state that after a few weeks of use, every food started sticking on the pan


2. Gotham Steel 9950 Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan

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This pan is made out of aluminum and has the patented ti-ceramic coating, which combines ceramic and titanium to reduce scratch marks on the pan while cooking. This coating also ensures a non-stick interior of the pan. This pan can be used with other metal utensils without ruining the non-stick feature of the pan and damaging the insides.

With a diameter of 12.5 inches, you can easily cook food for a large group of people in one go. The pan is designed in such a way that it can easily withstand temperatures around 500°F. Due to the fact that high heat is never a concern for this pan, you will have the ability to sear steaks in such a way that the meat will hold in the juices. The non-stick technology allows you to cook sticky as well as non-sticky food easily.

The pan is also free of chemicals like PFOS, PTFE, PFOA, etc. Hence, your overall health will improve. Cleaning it will never be a problem as the ti-ceramic surface does not leave food stuck on its surface. You can also put this pan into a dishwasher for fast cleaning. Additionally, the rust-proofing technology will keep this pan looking great for a long period of time.

  • This pan is one of the most affordable yet efficient pans in the market
  • Thanks to its non-stick feature, cleaning this pan is not a major problem
  • The pan’s size allows you to cook food for more than two people
  • Some reviews state that there have been problems cooking certain food items like eggs and led to a lot of sticky mess on the pan
  • The pan does not work on an induction stove
  • May shake and wobble on some stove models


1. GOTHAM STEEL 9.5 inches Non-stick Titanium Frying Pan

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This pan has an optimum size that is perfect for cooking meal ranging from a small group of three to five. It can also be used for making breakfast in the morning. One of the reasons why this particular pan is circular in shape is because you would want most of your breakfast like pancakes, crepes, and omelet to be round, instead of square.

With a well-optimized depth, this pan is deep enough to let you cook and fry dishes like spaghetti inside the pan. At the same time, this pan is also shallow enough so that you can easily flip your eggs inside the pan as smoothly as possible. The components are also heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures up to 500° F.

Just like any other Gotham Steel pans, this pan also has a very exceptional non-sticky surface that is scratch-proof in nature and can be washed easily in a dishwasher. Its handle is long enough to give you a good view and distance over the pan whenever you are flipping or swirling your food. The ergonomic contouring of the handle will give you a good grip as well and has a hole so that you can hang it for storage.

  • The circular shape of the pan is great for making pancakes, omelets and pizzas
  • The walls of the pan are deep enough to allow you to stir the food with ease
  • The long handle stays cool even after you remove it from a hot oven
  • This pan does not come with a lid
  • The pan cannot be used with an induction cook top


Final thoughts

Gotham Steel pans, overall, have well-designed style and tight locking and easy handles. The light-weight but the robust design makes cooking food much easier compared to other types of pans. With the elimination of Teflon and other chemicals that were previously used to make non-stick pans, people can now live healthier lives.

With its innovative titanium ceramic coating, Gotham Steel pans are an ideal choice for your kitchen because they are non-stick and non-scratch in nature and have the capability to withstand high temperatures. We hope that the above article helps you in making the right choices when it comes to choosing the best cooking pan.

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