Nuwave Cookware Induction Set Review 2018

Life becomes easy with a great set of cookware that works on any cook top, isn’t it?

We are here to guide you on best Nuwave cookware that is a 7-piece set. It is a ceramic cookware set that comes with a 12-inch frying pan and has non-stick properties.

The nonstick cookware is made of Duralon ceramic and allows easy cleaning and cooking. We are here to provide you with an honest review of Nuwave Duralon ceramic cookware so that you can make a wise decision.

We all want a cookware with that serves us in best interests. No one wants a bulky, sticky, scratched pot or pan that is almost good for nothing. The cookware should be such that a person has a hassle-free experience while using it. An ideal cookware should be oven and dishwasher safe. It should be able to cook on all cook tops available, be it glass, electric, induction, or gas.

Nuwave Duralon ceramic cookware is vibrant, easy on the pocket and extremely light in weight. The color of this beautiful set is that of copper and it instantly adds up to the style of your kitchen. It comes with a Duralon ceramic coating that is non-stick and is present on its insides. Due to this feature, it lasts longer than the cookware that comes with a Teflon coating.

Nuwave is popular when it comes to cooking on induction cook tops as many cookwares out there do not have this feature. So many households have induction cook tops and the emergence of a cookware set like this can prove to be highly beneficial. To check out how Nuwave Duralon ceramic cookware fares on every front and is it truly a worth buy or not, go through our detailed review given below:

Nuwave Duralon Ceramic Cookware Set

Nuwave Duralon Ceramic Cookware Set comes with a 7-piece set. This product uses natural and ceramic raw materials and has a coating of Duralon. You must be wondering what Duralon is! It is a nano-ceramic coating that is infused with diamonds.

This powerful set does not contain any chemical or toxins. In addition to this, it can tolerate direct heat. These qualities make it an easy choice for cooking healthier meals that can be cooked in no time. The entire set contains:

  • 12-inch fry pan (hard anodized)
  • 2-quart saucepan with lid
  • 5-quart stock pot with lid
  • 3-quart saucepan with lid


Nuwave cookware comes with a frying pan that is hard anodized. Because of this feature, the cookware is a highly durable one. The outsides of the stock pot and saucepans are made with stainless steel.

Nuwave ceramic cookware has an aluminum core for even heat distribution. Plus, it comes with a magnetic base that makes it a good choice to use on induction cook tops. You can use this cookware in the oven up to a temperature of 475°F.

The lids of saucepans and stockpots of Nuwave Duralon ceramic is made with tempered glass made from premium raw materials. The handles are made of stainless steel that stays cool during the cooking process.

Additionally, the saucepan lids are dual riveted. The cookware is of superior quality and you really don’t need to put any fat (butter or oil) before you start to cook your meals. This means that with this cookware set you can make sure that you are eating healthy.

Many online reviews of Nuwave cookware, have given it a thumbs up and people are very happy with the product. They are in absolute awe of the cookware, especially because they are hotter and faster when used on induction cook tops.

Some people have used it for years now and are simply in love with this cookware and it is their hot favorite even right now. Plus, people like it because it comes with an added advantage of tracking the entire cooking process with the help of the glass lids.

On the other hand, some online reviews of Nuwave cookware state that the product is not completely non-stick. Some food does stick to its surface making it difficult for its users to make a meal. This further adds to trouble in the cleaning of the utensils.

In addition to this, all the scrapping done while cleaning the product leads to the product losing its non-stick coating even more. Online users have also stated that even if the non-stick coating comes off on repeated scrapping, the product is safe to use as it is made of steel.

So that the cookware last long, make sure that you use only a mild detergent on it. Doing this will ensure that the cookware set retains its properties for a longer time. As a result, you will get value for money.

Nuwave Duralon Ceramic cookware has a coating that has resistance to metal utensils. You can opt for wooden, plastic, and rubber utensils instead. In addition to this, the cookware solves multiple cooking needs hence, providing the customer with a seamless cooking experience.

One more downside of Nuwave Duralon Ceramic cookware is that it is not dishwasher safe. But it is always better to wash your pots and pans by hand. This, in turn, contributes to the longevity of the cookware set.

The Nuwave Duralon Ceramic cookware is ideal for buying as it almost has every piece in the entire package has a unique use. You can use this set in the preparation of sauces and soups. Plus, you can very well use the stock pot for making stews, breakfast cereals, and pasta for a lot of people. As the entire set is compact, you don’t need to worry about the cookware set taking your entire kitchen space.

Nuwave ceramic cookware heats up quickly, which in turn reduces the whole cook time. If you have guests over, you can spend more time with them after the cook. You can serve the meals in time and save time for socializing with them.  And then afterward, you can clean up the cookware set by hand washing to prevent any loss in the properties of the product. Hence, the set is truly versatile in nature in which you can cook delicious treats for your friends and family without much trouble.


  • Induction cook top compatible
  • Comes in two colors
  • Has the entire cooking utensils package
  • Rapid heating
  • High on quality
  • PFOA and PTFE free


  • Need to take extra care
  • Loses non-stick properties
  • The frying pan comes without a lid
  • Not dishwasher safe



Nuwave cookware comes in eye-pleasing colors and falls in an affordable range of cookware. You won’t regret purchasing this beautiful cookware set that offers different functionality. The fact that this cookware can be used on induction cook tops is a huge plus as there are so many cookware in the market that do not come with this feature. If you take proper care of the set, like cleaning it with hands, the product will surely last you long.

The eye-grabbing vibrant copper insides of the cookware will add up oomph in your kitchen space. The stock pot in this set also helps you in making food for an entire crowd. We are not entirely disappointed with this set. But we also recommend you to only buy the product according to your budget and preferences.

To have meals cooked perfectly with the appropriate amount of heat, you can select this set without a doubt. But, if you want a more generalized set of cookware, this may not be the cookware for you. The cookware does come with a Duralon coating that cannot be found in other cookware in the market. The product is a high-end one and is much more durable than the cookware that comes with Teflon surfaces.

Many online reviews of Nuwave ceramic cookware have stated that the covers of the pats and pots are not at all difficult to open after the cooking process ends. Many have also stated that overall the product is worth a buy and is value for money.

The only caution that most reviews have stated is that it should not be used in the dishwasher at all the black coating comes off, which in turn reduces the efficiency of these pots and pans. So, in the end, we recommend you to make a choice according to your own suitability.