How Does Waterless Cookware Work?

Looking for a way to eat healthy, but running out of good, sustainable options? We have the perfect solution for you. Read on to find out more about it!

Looking at the kind of lifestyle we have, eating healthy is one of the most important goals in today’s world. Busy work days and long working hours do not really help you to lead a fit and disease-free life. But simple changes made at home can bring about a big difference in your daily health quotient. One of the ways you can bring in this positive change is to switch to waterless cookware.

There are several cooking options available nowadays. But most of them are not health-friendly. For example, cooking with Aluminum can cause severe damage to the body as the food reacts with the metal, along with causing dents and stains on the cookware.

Along with that, the material is hot and difficult to handle. Enameled steel is another popular option used by many people today, but what most don’t know is that this particular material expands and contracts with changes in the temperature and can retain food in its pores, which is super unhealthy for the body.

The most convenient option used in today’s time is microwaving. However, microwaving has serious consequences. The food, especially when heated in plastic containers, undergoes changes in its molecular structure and can retain chemicals that ooze out of the container. The extreme heat degrades the nutritional value of the food.

We know what you are thinking, is eating healthy that simple? Yes, it is. How? By using waterless cookware.

What is waterless cookware?

Waterless cookware is a type of cookware in which the need to add water or grease is eliminated. The food, for example vegetables and meat, can be cooked in their own juices or with little or no water in such cookware. This is not only a healthy alternative to all other cooking techniques but is super easy on electricity bills, time, and money! Aren’t these reasons enough to make you switch to waterless cookware? If not, we’ve got you covered.

Why should you use waterless cookware?

Using waterless cookware has its own advantages. Some of the reasons as to why you should reckon to switch to it are:

1. Safety first: Waterless cookware is made using a special technique. It is mostly made up of aluminum or copper and surgical stainless steel. The metals are layered together to form a solid structure that retains and ensures the equal distribution of heat.

The surgical stainless steel is very non-porous, therefore not letting harmful chemicals from the other metals ooze into the food. It also helps prevent direct contact with the aluminum or copper. This way, your food does not get poisoned by foreign particles and is also corrosion free!

2. Energy efficient and reduces cooking time: Waterless cookware is designed to cook your food in lower heat than usual by ensuring there is enough production of steam and equal distribution of heat throughout the container. Here, food can be cooked over just one flame or stove, and the even cooking makes it faster and more efficient.

3. Increased retention of nutrients, better appearance of food than other meals, and completely grease-free: After washing your food, for example vegetables, the product retains enough water to produce steam inside the container. The same goes for poultry and meat since they have natural juices and water content.

In this way, the ingredients are cooked in their own natural resources and the final dish retains up to ninety percent of the natural nutrients after cooking. This also results in a better looking dish in terms of its appearance than other traditional foods. Since the food is able to cook itself without any added water or oil, the total intake of unhealthy fats during your day is reduced instantly!

4. Easy to clean and maintain: Waterless cookware is made of materials that are not easily corroded, minimize scratches and burns, and do not contract or expand when exposed to variations in temperature. The handles are coated to prevent excess heating and burns and are also dishwasher-friendly!

Some Do’s And Don’ts of Waterless Cookware

Make sure that the cookware is cleaned in the direction of the finish. Clean it routinely instead of once in a while. Aggressive cleaning can cause damage so avoid it. The most important thing to do is to clean using materials that are only suitable for stainless steel.

Do not expose to extreme heat, such as ovens or excess flame. It is usually recommended to not place the empty pot directly on the stove. Do not use harsh cleaners or chemical detergents to wash the cookware.

Moreover, it is very important for you to be present in the kitchen when the whistle for the steam valve goes off to turn off the heat.

Now, let’s take a look at one of the best waterless cookware products available in the market.

Maxam KT17 17-Piece 9-Element Surgical-Stainless-Steel Waterless Cookware Set

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A state of the art set of waterless cookware collection that is built using durable and sturdy materials. It ensures equal distribution of heat and is designed to give you a healthy, time-saving meal. This particular set includes seventeen pieces which are:


  • 7 qt Saucepan with Cover
  • 5 qt Saucepan with Cover
  • 2 qt Double Boiler
  • High Dome Cover for Skillet or Roaster
  • 11 3/8” Skillet with Helper Handle and Egg Rack
  • 5 qt Roaster with Cover


  • comes with a mirror finish on the exterior and a satin finish on the interior
  • made of surgical stainless steel, which is the highest quality stainless steel available in the market
  • super durable and will most likely last you a lifetime
  • Has a nine-element construction system, which allows you to cook in stacks together, thus saving both time and energy.
  • More expensive than your ordinary utensil
  • Heavier when compared to other utensils
  • Handles are Bakelight and might be damaged while exposed to heat


Some positive online reviews have expressed great satisfaction in cooking with this utensil. They have also stated that this product is cheaper than most products in other stores with the same quality.

Some negative comments have stated that this utensil cannot be used in extreme heat as the handles might get damaged. Some have also raised questions if this material is actually made of surgical stainless steel or not.


Waterless  cookware is a good alternative to other regular utensils that can cause health damage. The composition of this cookware is safe in terms of nutritional value and chemical poisoning. This product can bring about a large scale change in your lifestyle since it has a lot of benefits as mentioned in this article.

Even though waterless cookware can be more towards the expensive side, it is definitely reliable and worth the investment. It will instantly bring about a healthier change and add value to your meals and is a perfect solution for those who have a busy work schedule and need to save on their time and energy.