Best Non-Stick Induction Cookware Reviews 2018

Are you looking forward to a new thrill in induction cookware?
The new technology is revolutionizing things, are your kitchen should be at the center. A lot of people all over the world are considering this new system given its efficiency and safety. So, how does induction cooking work?

Induction cookware uses electromagnetic induction to produce cooking heat. Beneath each element on the stovetop is a coil copper wire.  When you switch on the element, an alternating current flow through the coil producing a magnetic field, which is then heated to produce heat. The heat produced is regulated using a knob.

The induction cooking system is adopted all over the world in homes and restaurants. The nonstick feature is a great addition to any cookware and is the sole reason why it is largely considered everywhere. Non stick induction cookware is not only hygienic but also easy to maintain.  Here are four best non stick induction cookware to have.

1. Chef’s Star 17-Piece Non-Stick Induction Cookware Set


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If you are looking to add a stylish touch to your kitchen, then this will be a great addition to you. It is a great non stick induction cookware that provides both versatility, quality, and efficiency.  A sturdy, BPA free, and quality cookware is not just enough to describe the Chefs’ Star 17-piece set.

This cookware offers the user the ultimate cooking experience. The 17-piece set is large enough for a modest restaurant kitchen. It includes the following

  • 3 Piece Kitchen Tools
  • Sauce Pan with Helper and Lid
  • Casserole with Lid
  • 5″ Frying Pan
  • 2 Saucepans with Lids
  • 8″ Frying Pan
  • 5″ Boiler Basket
  • 5″ Steamer Basket
  • Stock Pot with Lid

These utensils are made of the stainless-steel material to withstand long-term use. They are also suitable for all cooking sources and ready for induction.



  • Highly Comfortable

Unlike normal cookware, the ChefStar 17-piece set has well-finished handles with a great finish that also sums up to its ergonomic style. The design creates an easy grip and which makes it comfortable to use. It also has an appealing appearance which adds aesthetic value to your kitchen.

  • Many users love the fact that this cookware set can offer services for a long without wear and tear. With impact-bonded aluminum bottom and 18/8 commercial grade stainless steel, the pans and pots guarantee you maximum use.
  • Quality of money

It is cheap and gives you the desired money value. With the low price, people enjoy quality and satisfaction from the Chester non stick induction cookware.



  • Staining

In comparison to other models, users find cleaning more difficult. The pots and pans tend to accumulate stains after some time of use and no amount of scrubbing gives an answer.

  • Non-fitting lids

Some users say that the lids don’t accurately fit the pots and containing heat within the cookware proves difficult.


2. Vremi 8 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Induction Cookware Set


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If you want to give your visitors a tasty meal, then the Vremi non-stick induction cookware should be your new option. For years, Vremi has continued to produce state-of-the-art cookware, and you need to get yourself one. It’s a mixture of class, affordability, safety and anything else a cook is looking for.

It might not be 15 or 17 pieces set but providing 8 alluring items for just a fair price.

  • 1 Shallow Casserole with Lid
  • 1 Small Dutch oven with Lid
  • 1 Large Angled Frying Pan
  • 1 Medium Angled Frying Pan
  • 1 Large Dutch oven with Lid

The masterpiece dinner set is designed to add taste to your feast and wow everyone who comes to touch with it. It not only takes the cooking experience to a new level but also delivers a sensational kitchen spotlight.



  • Steam Release Function

In every lid of the cookware is a slight gap that releases excess steam while cooking. To avoid the mess of steam all the kitchen upon opening the pots, the gap comes in.

  • Ceramic coating

The ceramic material and convenience for heating. The nonstick marble coating heats the cookware evenly providing the necessary cooking environment required by the cookware.

  • Multipurpose Use

Apart from cooking, the cookware is also made for serving food. It is designed in such a way to take directly from the stovetop to the table. If you ever thought of showing off your meal on the dishes, then the wood-toned dishes gives you an extra flair to present to the dinner table.

  • Dishwasher Safe

The Vremi’s 8piece non stick induction cookware is easy to watch given the nonstick feature. Coated with a nonstick marble, cleaning becomes easy. The cookware set has 3 color options i.e. yellow, blue with white patterns. Cleaning is not a problem because all you need is clean in hand wash or dishwasher with gentle soap.



  • Warping of the Non-stick Coat

A good number of Vremi Non stick induction cookware users have noted that, the nonstick later of the frying pan warps after two to three months of use. The warping persists even after adhering to all the given uses and guidelines.


3. Cooksmark Diamond-Infused Nonstick Induction Safe Cookware Set


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Cooking has never been easy than using Cooks mark Diamond-Infused Non stick Induction Cookware Set. It is a quality cookware that will perfectly fit for any size of your home menu. It is suitable for single and large families, it can also be used on large occasions.

The pots and pans have Diamond Infused Non-Stick Technology that enables them to be up to 300% more scratch-resistant than a traditional non-stick cookware. The top layer of the cookware set has a layer of non-stick coating that makes sure there is superb food release.

The middle layer of the pots and pans fuses the non-stick system together to make sure the pans are stable and durable. The pans and pots are made without harmful compounds that might affect your health. The pans and pots have a wide bottom that heats evenly without hot spots.

Cooks mark Diamond-Infused Nonstick Induction Safe Cookware Set comes with

  • 8-in/20 cm frying pan
  • 9.5-in/24 cm frying pan
  • 1.8-quart saucepan with lid, 7.1-inx3-in
  • 2.3-quart sauté pan with lid, 8-in 3.1-in
  • 3.0-quart sauté pan with lid, 10-inx2.4-in
  • 5.3-quart casserole with lid, 9.5-in x 5.1-in



  • Vented Glass Lids

I have a scar on my left hand where I was burnt by a pot lid. It was so hot such that I could not hold it any further. It was painful nursing the wound. Cooks mark Diamond-Infused Nonstick Induction Safe Cookware Set pots and pans come with tempered glass lids with steam vents. The lids are transparent for easy monitoring of the food you are cooking. The steam vents allow the steam to escape into the air thus no lid explosion.

The lids perfectly fit in the pots thus there is no shattered noise coming from them. They keep your delicious meal away from external contaminants that can ruin your day. The lids contain the smell and value of your meal since there is no splashing of the sauce or soup.

  • Flat Induction-Safe Bottom

Cooks mark Diamond-Infused Nonstick Induction Safe Cookware Set pots and pans have a flat bottom that is super for heat conduction and even distribution. The stainless-steel induction bottom makes the pots and pans appropriately for all cooking stovetops and oven tops including induction. The pans and pots work well on gas, electric, induction and even ceramic glass stovetops.

The pans and pots are made of diamond-infused non-stick technology that is scratch-resistant. They are free from PFOA, Cadmium, and lead.

  • Non-Stick coating

The pots and pans have a non-stick coating that allows the pan to release food from the pan easily. Sticky and delicate ingredients slide off the pan smoothly with to no food remains left behind. The coat allows you to use little oil while cooking thus you can make some savings.

The ceramic non-stick coating makes it easy to clean the pots and pans. Rinse the pots and pans with lukewarm water and wipe them with a towel and they will be as clean as new.

  • Strong Handles

The pots and pans have elegant long steel handles that are riveted. The handles don’t get hot when you are cooking. They are comfortable at your grip allowing you to maneuver from stovetop to table. They are strong enough to support the weight of the pot and its content.



  • Non-stick Coat Warping

The ceramic non-stick coating on the interior of the pans performs well after few cooks, then the horror starts. Food starts to stick to the bottom of the pan. Some users scrub the heck out of the pan immediately after cooking with warm water and a sponge.


4. T-fal C515SC 12-Piece Non-stick Induction Cookware Set


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It is somehow tricky to determine whether the pan is heated enough to start cooking or not. T-fal Non stick Induction cookware set pots and pans have Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator. The indicator shows you when the pan is perfectly preheated to seal in the flavor of your food.

The pans and pots have riveted silicone handles that are comforting to hold. The handles do not get hot during cooking. The cookware set is compatible with all cooktop surfaces including induction.

The cookware pans are ideal for searing, frying and tossing food. they are Oven safe up to 400 degrees F.

T-fal C515SC 12-Piece Non stick Induction Cookware Set comes with:

  • 8-inch and 10.25-inch fry pans
  • 1-quart and 3-quart sauce pans
  • 5-quart stock pots
  • One egg wonder,
  • Stainless steel steamer insert
  • 2 nylon tools


  • Healthy Food

Nowadays people are working hard to cut weight by eating meals cooked with little oils. T-fal Non stick Induction cookware set pots and pans allow you to prepare your delicious meal with little oil or butter. The pots and pans have a ceramic coating that allows food to slide right off the pans.

The pans and pots are made of stainless steel that is free from PFOA, PFEA, Lead, and Cadmium. These are metals that are believed to stay in your body for a longer period thus causing severe health complications. The pans do not release toxic substances in the air once they are heated. Therefore, you and your family will be enjoying a healthy meal.

The pans and pots have riveted Silicone Handles that are strong enough to support their weight. They are comfortable when holding them since they do not get too hot during heat cooking. They protect you from getting burnt.

The pans Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator show you when the pan is preheated for you to start the cooking process. Its stainless-steel induction makes the pans to be safe for all cooking methods.



  • Non-stick Warping

I have read some users reviews who are claiming that the non-stick coat of the pans does not last long. They have noted that, after three to four months of use, the non-stickiness starts wearing off and some parts of the pan surface started coming off. This might be due to wrong handling of the pans or use of high heating.

Best Non-Stick Induction Cookware Reviews 2018

Tips for Buying Induction Cookware Sets

Are you looking for the best Induction Cookware Set? Then, take a seat and fruit juice. You have come to the right place. For me to guide you in purchasing the best induction cookware set, I will give you some tips for buying induction cookware set.

  • Know the Cookware Material

First things first and health is wealth. The life and safety of the induction cookware set you are buying lies on the material used. Go material that conducts heat evenly and does not react with food.

  • The Special Features the cookware Set has

Choosing the best cookware from a wide array of induction cookware sets is not an easy thing, especially if you are not aware of their features. To make the decision-making process easy, you should consider features like PTFE and PFOA free, the cookware Warranty, comfortability of the handles, and whether the cookware has glass tempered lids.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

The choice of your induction cookware should be influenced by the ability to cook and clean. Choose an Induction cookware that has a non-sticking coat for easy cleaning. The cleaning of the cookware should be fun and little oil should be left on the pan bottom. The best Induction Cookware Sets are dishwasher safe and can also be hand washed.

  • Durability

Buying a cookware set and after three uses the surface starts peeling is like flashing your money down the toilet. Consider the durability of the cookware set of your choice. You can do that by reading the product review to heat what other users have experienced. The best durable induction cookware sets are the once made of hard materials that are scratch resistant.

  • Pricing

You cannot your entire salary on buying a cookware set. That’s absurd. Always go by your set budget. It is wise to compare the price of the cookware, its features, quality and durability to determine if it is worth the price tag. Choose a cookware that is affordable and will meet your needs.



My grandmother always advised me to allow people to advise me but not let them make decisions for me. I am not going to make decisions for you either. Based on the above information, T-fal C515SC 12-Piece Non stick Induction Cookware Set will make you smile all the way to a dining room. This is because it has most of the features you are looking for.